5 Advantages of Hiring Freelance Engineers & Architects Online

The digitization of the workplace and the availability of online freelancing marketplaces has empowered freelancers to become a growing part of the workforce. In the construction industry however, despite the clear advantages of hiring freelance engineers and architects, the practice has not moved online at the same rate as other industries.

Finding qualified engineering and architecture consultants at affordable prices is not an easy task, and companies often end up settling for working with someone they know or a company they were referred to. It’s just not easy to find reliable designers and consultants at good prices. But the industry is starting to catch up by taking the process of finding expertise online. Freelancing platforms and expert marketplaces are on the rise, and with platforms dedicated to the construction industry like Handiss, freelancers in the field are now more accessible than ever.

As a business owner in the construction industry, here are 5 advantages that make hiring freelance engineers and architects a contender for your next choice:

1- Reducing Overhead Costs

Freelancers are a great alternative to working with other companies which have a higher price tag due to their overheads and profits. Working with freelancers however, especially qualified, verified freelancers, produces cost savings because they simply charge less money.

Another reason why it’s economically smart is because you rarely require their services throughout the entire project lifetime. For example, you might require a façade engineer at a specific phase in the project, a traffic engineer at another, so why go through the hiring process for brief phases?

2-Access to a Pool of Verified Experts

Although not all platforms are created equal, when hiring from online platforms dedicated to engineering and architecture like Handiss you’ll work with industry experts that had gone through a strict and systematic screening process that verifies professionals for their quality of work and communication skills. These platforms have already done the work for you and will save you a lot of time and effort searching for the right experts to work with.

3- Protection

When you work with freelancers through freelancing marketplaces, they provide you with additional security and quality guarantees to make sure clients have full control. Many platforms provide payment security through escrow accounts and dispute resolution processes.

These services virtually guarantee the freelancer’s work, ensuring peace of mind for you and your business.

4- Access to More Options

Instead of searching through a limited pool of companies and service providers for that outsourced job you need to get done, these platforms have already built a network of thousands of professionals ready to work with you, and they will come to you instead.

5- Availability at Any Time

You’ve just been awarded a new project, and while you’re already rushing off your feet with your existing workload, hiring help may seem out of the question. Hiring freelance architects and engineers through online platforms even if your schedule is tight. Let the recommendations roll in and you’ll get that help you need in no time. So the next time you need external help on your project, use this great alternative and hire the right freelancers for your work.


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