6 Steps to Building a Professional Handiss Profile

Your online presence is becoming more and more important in an increasingly competitive world. A company looking to hire you or a client thinking about working with you will want to know more about you, your skills, experience, and background, and the first thing anyone does nowadays is to look you up on Google and check your Linkedin profile. On Handiss, they will check your Handiss profile.

Handiss offers its users, who are mainly engineers and architects, a profile page that is catered for professionals in the construction industry. Primarily, it serves its purpose within the Handiss platform to give potential clients a clear idea about who you are and the services you can offer, as it includes your career experience, qualifications, and a section for your portfolio or samples of your work.

Like your Linkedin profile, it is very important to make your Handiss profile as professional as possible. Here are 6 steps you should take to build a great profile on Handiss:


1- Give your career summary some thought

Focus on the highlights of your career and make it short and easy to read. We recommend that you keep it under 200 words; clients don’t want to read your auto-biography, but they want enough to know if you can do their job or not. The career summary is more important than you may think, and it is one of the first things your profile visitor will look at.


2- Talk about where you worked and what you did there

Your potential clients want to know what you did, where you did it, and how good you are. Telling them which companies you worked for, what roles you filled there, and the projects you worked on will give them a much better idea about your technical and managerial capabilities. That is why you should fill out all the details about the companies you worked for, your job titles, and the projects you were a part of.


3- Your educational background is the base of it all

Needless to say, where you studied may not matter much when you have 25 years of professional experience under your belt, but it does matter when you’re still early in your career. Either way, it is very important to show at which educational institutions it all started for you.


4- A professional profile picture goes a long way

Most people underestimate how important the profile picture is. Engineering, architecture, and construction is a very serious business (as serious as it gets), and when a client or a company is looking to hire, they will very likely skip through whatever is written in the profile if the picture shows you wearing a hula shirt and sunglasses while lying on the beach somewhere, and they’ll look at the profile of the other professional who is wearing a suit, has a nice smile on his/her face, and is looking sharp.

So if you don’t have a professional profile picture, we advise that you put on some nice clothes and go to a professional photographer. Consider it an investment and use your new picture not only on Handiss, but on Linkedin as well.


5- Upload samples of your work in the portfolio section

What better way to show what you can do, than to show what you can do? There is an entire section on your Handiss profile dedicated for high quality images of 3D renders, photographs of projects, drawings, designs, and whatever you can upload in an image format that shows a client what you can do. Take advantage of it and show everyone what you’re capable of.


6- Make sure to include all your fields of expertise

This one is actually mandatory upon signup, but you can add up to 5 fields of expertise in your profile. We have given a lot of thought about most of the main niches in the industry, so take a good look and select all the ones that apply to you, as well as their sub-categories and relevant software skills. This will give the clients that much more insight into your capabilities.

With all these steps accounted for, you’ll have a complete profile and you’ll be ready for take-off! Now make sure you keep a strong work ethic and get good reviews from your future clients. Good luck!