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8 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Construction Estimator Online in 2019

With the increasing talent shortage in engineering and architecture across the US, companies are falling behind in bidding on new projects. The fact is that more workers on all fronts are abandoning the construction industry than those entering it. According to a World Economic Forum survey, the share of employees who are aged 60 and older is increasing faster than any other age group while the proportion of employees under 30 is falling the fastest. With demand rising and not enough professionals available, the answer lies in hiring freelance construction estimators specialized in all engineering disciplines.

This newfound demand created a supply of online platforms specialized in connecting clients to freelance estimators in the industry. Platforms such as Handiss bring together all kinds of engineers and architects from all over the US and other countries, connecting clients to just the right experts when needed, including top estimators.

8 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Construction Estimator Online

1- Freelance Estimators Can Work from Anywhere

Construction estimation work does not require physical, local presence. Given that the freelance estimator has the required experience from previous projects, using today’s wide array of communication tools, you can coordinate the work no matter where he or she is.

2- Availability on Demand

Working with freelance construction estimators means that you work with them only when you need them. But if you have a relationship with only one freelance estimator, he or she might be unavailable to work with you on short notice due to being busy with other clients, on vacation, sick, or a multitude of reasons, which brings us to the next point…

3- Freelancing Platforms Offer More Choices

When you use an online freelancing platform that has a wide pool of experts, then you simply have more choices to choose from. You’ll receive bids from several candidates, check their previous work through their profiles, and decide who to hire within hours or days. It’s fast, efficient, and diverse.

4- Working with Vetted Freelance Estimators

Not all platforms do this, but Handiss only connects clients to vetted and screened freelance construction estimators, and this ensures your peace of mind when going for a new hire you only just met online.

5- Competitive Pricing

Hiring a freelance estimator through a freelancing platform provides you with multiple bids and offers, and the nature of these platforms makes the prices competitive. On the other hand, when you hire someone through traditional channels like personal connections, he or she often bids higher because there are only so many bids you can receive on short notice without using a platform, which naturally causes the freelancer to provide more expensive prices.

6- Payment Protection Through Escrow

Many freelancing platforms offer an escrow payment service, which means that payments pass through them as a third party and are held until the work is delivered by the freelancer. This often means no pre-work payments are necessary, which frees you from making upfront payments to the freelance estimator. You only release the payments to the freelancer when satisfied with the work.

7- Reducing Overhead Costs

The ready availability of freelance estimators on-demand and at competitive prices when hiring online means that you can avoid hiring someone full-time, thereby reducing your overheads and recurring costs.

8- Guarantees on Quality of Work

Rarely do platforms go above and beyond to guarantee work quality, but Handiss goes some way in doing that. As a client, you’re provided with a one week guarantee on the freelance estimator you hire, ensuring a full refund of any funds submitted within that week. In addition, our dispute resolution and dedicated free account management service keeps the work process in-line.

Although traditional hiring and outsourcing is something ingrained in our minds in this industry, you really should look no further than a freelancing platform the next time you’re looking for a freelance construction estimator. It’s a great solution and it works.

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