Growing Tech Trends in Construction

Rising costs, schedule overruns, low labor productivity, and low or volatile returns are a few of the major problems that face so many construction projects. As buildings and infrastructure become more complex and economies change, the need for technology disruption is growing. New tech trends in construction are rising as a result.

As entrepreneurs and industry experts take the helm in leading new technologies into the industry, contractors and consultants are starting to embrace new hardware and software on their projects. Here are some of the technological trends in construction that have been taking shape over the last few years.

1- Integration of new tech on the construction site

The way things work on the construction site has made incremental improvements over the decades, but some innovative companies are testing and integrating new tech for their sites to improve efficiency and worker safety. Technologies such as augmented reality, 3D printing, drones, cloud software services, worker tracking, and going paperless have been adapted to serve businesses within the industry.

2- Modular and pre-fabricated construction

Efficiency and cost-savings were the drive to introduce new techniques and technologies in modular construction, enabling new products to be commercialized in small residential projects, rather than only high-budget projects which used to be the case in previous years. Watch out for CLT (cross-laminated timber) which may soon be used to build wooden skyscrapers! And keep your eye on the rise of Katerra, a multi-billion dollar “startup” in the industry making leaps in modular construction, making this a one of the prominent tech trends in construction.

3- Operational optimization through digital collaboration

Increasing material and labor costs, slow growth, and tougher competition are pushing companies further to look for ways to improve their efficiency in their operations. New tools have been proven to bring down costs, such as BIM which has incredibly positive effects on the construction process, digital collaboration software that streamlines communication between the office and the construction site, and online hiring platforms that connect companies to much needed and more scarce industry talent (at least in developed economies) at cost reductions. One of these platforms is yours truly, Handiss, offering solutions to construction companies to decrease their costs through working with skilled professionals on a project or task basis.


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