Handiss Spotlight - Binayak Maurya

Handiss Spotlight: Binayak Maurya – Senior Mechanical Designer

Binayak is a Mechanical Engineer In Training with six years of experience in commercial, industrial and high-rise HVAC design and consulting. Besides that, he also has experience in water treatment plant commissioning and maintenance.

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Q: How long did you wait before you could secure a job when you first landed in Canada?

A: I waited about a month till I got a job, but it was not in my field. It took about half a year to land a job in my field.

Q: Does your expertise provide you with a wide range of jobs that you can do, or does it limit you to a specific career path?

A: I think it really depends on which career path one decides to pursue. Key skills are sometimes transferable and can be used in different jobs. However, in my case, my job is specialized and specific to a certain field.

Q: In the future, do you think of pursuing a Canadian degree? If yes, what would it be focused on?

A: I do not wish to pursue a degree for the sake of it. In fact, I am planning to do a few courses on specific subjects that will boost my knowledge in the field I’m working in. In the present COVID-19 reality, it has become feasible to complete such courses online.

Q: As a Mechanical EIT, do you seek freelance projects aside from your main job? Have you ever been involved in any?

A: I have not sought any freelance work nor have I been involved in any in the past.

Q: You’ve previously worked as a Mechanical Engineer in Qatar. Do the standards you followed in your projects there vary from those you follow in Canada?

A: Most HVAC codes are based on ASHRAE standards which are globally recognized. Apart from that, there are some differences in building codes but they vary only slightly.

Q: Do you think there is a skill gap when it comes to mechanical engineering in Canada?

A: No, I think Canada has a very talented workforce when it comes to building consulting engineering. Yet, I cannot speak for other mechanical engineering fields.

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