Handiss Spotlight - Dave Hallman

Handiss Spotlight: Dave Hallman

Senior Project Manager / Business Owner

Dave Hallman is a Senior Project Manager and a Business Owner. His experience with contractors, municipalities, and consultants for over 40 years has granted him a unique understanding of the construction industry in Canada.

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Q: What got you interested in the Civil Engineering field?

A: Ability to contribute to enhancing public safety and building great communities was the drive behind my career.

Q: What are some significant projects you have worked on?

A: Projects I’ve worked on include but are not limited to: Widening of existing arterial roads, building new roads to support ongoing development and improve safety of the community – all while minimizing impacts on the environment.

Q: As a Senior Municipal Engineer, what are the benefits of working in the public sector in Canada?

A: The public sector is busy during good economic times. Moreover, when the times are less prosperous, the government tends to provide additional funding to stimulate the economy.

Q: What are some major differences between working with municipalities and with engineering consultants?

A: Municipalities tend to pay reasonably well, and you get to work on projects from inception/conception to operations of the final product. On the other hand, with consultants, although somewhat more lucrative, you tend to work on only one part of a project over its life cycle. However, providing your unique expertise can save significant money for taxpayers.

Q: Based on your experience, does the public sector hire fresh graduates / immigrants with no previous Canadian experience?

A: Yes. They often have hiring practices that values foreign candidates. Foreign trained positions tend to be technically focused as opposed to project management focused.

Q: You currently offer advisory project management services. Apart from your public relations, how do you manage attracting clients?

A: I have built my reputation over 40 years by providing technically correct projects that meet my clients needs, on time and within budget. Above all, a carefully nurtured reputation not only allows one to have repeat clients, but attracts new ones without spending significant time on marketing.

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