Handiss Spotlight - Imad Kayyali

Handiss Spotlight: Imad Kayyali – Architectural Consultant

Imad Kayyali has extensive experience in architectural design & property development. With almost 40 years of experience, he has successfully delivered large-scale projects that span over North America and the Middle East. Clients recognize his skills for meeting aggressive schedules & budgets, and his expertise include port architecture, residential, hospitality & mixed-use developments.

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Q: Why did you choose to move back to the UAE after only 3 years of work experience in Canada?

A: I was offered an exciting role to carry out a challenging job, and the compensation was considerably a great one. Hence, I took the job.

Q: Between the two countries, which environment is closer to your ideal working environment?

A: If I take all factors into account, Canada’s work environment suits me better. Yet, I would still need to find a fulfilling job that matches my profile.

Q: During the lockdown, how did your team cope with remote work from home? Was it something new to your company?

A: Yes, it was new in general, but we have adapted very quickly. And to a far extent, remote work has proved effective.

Q: Do you see advantages that would let you maintain some remote work on the long run?

A: Absolutely, I think it is very efficient and convenient. In fact, considering the flexibility, practicality and economic factors, distance working is better.

Q: What features would you like to see in the platforms that offer virtual meetings?

The features that I’d like to see are :

  • instant presentation tools, such as slideshows.
  • the ability to control which of the other participants may appear on your screen.
  • the option to let admins assign co-admins.
  • a private chat option to have the ability to communicate with a specific participant.
Q: You’re proficient in a number of architectural software. Which in your opinion are the essential software skills young architects should develop?

A: I believe the most important software nowadays are Revit, Photoshop and Rhino. BIM types of software are growing, and the demand for skillful technologists and architects is still very high.

Q: Are you satisfied with your current career path, and would you consider a move back to Canada?

A: Yes, I am reasonably satisfied. I have moved back to Canada in January 2019, and I have been working from home ever since.

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