Handiss Spotlight: Vasilios Artemiou

Handiss Spotlight: Vasilios Artemiou – MEP Professional Engineer

Vasilios is a registered Professional Engineer in New York, Florida and Texas. He has experience in MEP consulting for clients such as hospitals, universities, government institutions and large scale residential / commercial developments. He has designed energy saving mechanical systems for clients while efficiently drafting them in programs such as AutoCAD and REVIT, and many of these projects were LEED certified. He has participated in all stages of projects from the schematic design phase to the end of construction.

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Q: What made you pursue a career as a Building Systems Engineer?

A:  I was always very good at heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics in school, so I figured I wanted to major in a related field and make a career out of it.

Q: Can you describe a complex project that you successfully completed?

A: The most complex project I have completed is the study of a greenhouse energy consumption in annual terms. I was contracted to study thermal storage heat recovery options to lessen the energy consumption of the greenhouse.

Q: How much of your day is spent outdoors / on site vs. in an office?

A: I spend 95% of my time in my office. When I do site visits, it is usually every 2 months and they are across the country.

Q: You’ve completed LEED certified projects. Were the requirements relevant to your work experience and/or college studies? Or was it something totally new and required exploration?

A: It was relevant but adjustments were needed in order to fully understand the LEED method of review and approval.

Q: What do you like most about your career?

A: The best part about my career is that I have the freedom to choose projects that interest me.

Q: What do you like the least about it?

A: Unfortunately, in this line of work, some of the designs across several clients can get repetitive. This is due to client preference and situation of market.

Q: During the lockdown, how did you cope with remote work? Is it something you’d like to maintain in the long run?

A: My work has always been exclusively remote. I will do this permanently going forward.

Q: What are your aspirations and next steps for your career?

A: I aspire to maintain my own preferred clients and work on cutting edge projects.

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