Handiss Spotlight - Yahya Jundi

Handiss Spotlight: Yahya Jundi – Intern Architect

Yahya is an intern architect with four years of experience in Toronto, Ontario. He is the founder of Toronto Architecture Club and has advanced skills in BIM Management. Besides being  innovative, resourceful, conscientious, and team-oriented, Yahya has excellent communication skills in a number of languages, including English, French, and Arabic.

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Q: What is it exactly that you do as an Intern Architect?

A: As an intern architect, I work on designs along with the project manager. In addition to that, I’m responsible for producing drawings for site plan approval, permit drawings, issue for construction, etc…

Q: What skills have you developed that helped you get to where you are now?

A: Above all, my BIM Management skills have always put me forward to take more responsibilities.

Q: What kind of Canadian education did you pursue, and did it increase your employment chances?

A: I took a continuing education program called IPLAN – Immigrant Professionals Leveraging Architectural Knowledge for New Opportunities, a Bridge Training Program for International Architectural Professionals that allows you to build on your international education and work experience by gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully integrate into the architectural workplace in Canada.

This program is organized by JVS Toronto & Ryerson University. In fact, it really did increase my employment chances by enhancing my portfolio with Canadian projects.

Q: Does being proficient in more than one language benefit you in any way at your current or previous jobs in Canada?

A: Although it’s always an added value, I never had to use my French or Arabic language skills at work.

Q: Do you think intern architects in Canada are fairly compensated?

A: Compared to the efforts and long hours spent working, I don’t think Intern Architects are fairly compensated.

Q: Have you figured out your next career objective yet? If yes, what is it that you’re aiming for?

A: My next career objective is to become licensed in Ontario. I am currently a candidate for the EXAC (Examination for Architects in Canada) that was supposed to take place in November 2-3 2020. However, it got postponed due to Covid-19.

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