7 Basic Ways to Market your Construction Company Online

If you’ve just started your contracting business or want to grow your existing company, proper marketing is essential. The cheapest and most accessible way to marketing your construction business today is online, and it’s vital to know your contractor marketing basics. Here’s a list that will get you off to a right start.

7 Steps to Marketing your Construction Business

1- Create A Professional Website

This is step one. A modern website that tells your company’s story and the services it provides is the base of all your online marketing efforts. If you haven’t done that already, get in contact with web design and development experts and build a professional website that represents your business.

But don’t expect the people building your website to come up with its content. You and only you should decide what content to include in the
website, preferably with some guidance from content specialists and copywriters.

2- Build Your Brand

Your brand doesn’t stop at your logo. Everything that represents your company, from your website to your company brochure and business cards, should embody your brand and identity. Your fonts, social media posts, content style, and advertising should all fall in line.

Branding and good design can go a long way and will form the backbone for marketing your construction business, as people might soon associate any content you produce with your brand and remember your company if you manage to leave a good impression.

3- Invest In Social Media Marketing

You should have company pages on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and post content there on a regular basis. Reaching out to your audience on social media may cost you nothing but time to post about your company’s updates and services, and it’s an essential for marketing your construction business.

You can also invest in social media ads to reach out to target clients in your area. Facebook is excellent at targeting your demographic, and Linkedin is great for generating business leads. Just make sure your ads are well thought out and your targeting is optimized, or else your ads will be shown to irrelevant people and part of your spending will be wasted. There are a lot of good resources on the internet that will explain in detail how to create good ads on social media platforms.

4- Invest In Google Ads

Since your operations will be limited to a certain town, city, or area, then you can place ads on Google that will show up when people in your area search for services that you offer. For instance, if you’re a hotel renovation contractor, then people who search for “hotel renovation contractor” or similar searches should find you on Google.

It’s very easy to create Google Ads, and you can learn about it yourself or get someone to help you. Just make sure you optimize your targeting so that your ads are shown to the right audience, and it can prove a very useful tool for marketing your construction company.

5- Be Specific About The Services You Offer

In today’s highly competitive world, it’s important to focus on your niche and show what you’re best at. So many contractors call themselves general contractors and claim that they can do all kinds of work, but it’s hard to sell yourself as such.

Companies are having more success by focusing on what they do best and advertising that. It’s part of their brand and identity, and even their company name or logo. Although that may narrow down your target market, it instills more trust in your brand.

6- Write A Blog

If you’re a good writer, then write about your experiences and share your knowledge. Here I am doing it now, sharing my knowledge about marketing a construction business on the Handiss blog because I know people need this information and because it is useful for digital presence.

Do the same by writing about what you know and sharing your knowledge on a blog that links to your company website. The blog will show your target audience that you know what you’re doing and they’ll be more encouraged to work with you. After reading your articles they may end up on your website and asking you for your services.

7- Send Email Updates

Build a list of clients and subscribers (you can have subscribers sign up on your blog or website), and send out an email newsletter every quarter, month, or week, depending on what works for you. It’s a great and cheap way to remind your clients and leads about your company.

Digital marketing and online resources will help your company’s growth, so start following these basics and start seeing the difference. Good luck to you!