AutoCAD vs Revit

5 key differences between AutoCAD and Revit!

Imagine you close your eyes and someone says the word “Architect” – what’s the first image that pops into your mind? A drafting table? Drawing instruments? Uncountable rolls of paper? Models? Oh, you’re right of course, coffee! While all the…

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Growing Tech Trends in Construction

    Rising costs, schedule overruns, low labor productivity, and low or volatile returns are a few of the major problems that face so many construction projects. As buildings and infrastructure become more complex and economies change, the need for…

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6 Steps to Building a Professional Handiss Profile

  Your online presence is becoming more and more important in an increasingly competitive world. A company looking to hire you or a client thinking about working with you will want to know more about you, your skills, experience, and…

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Asphalt spreader at work

The Fields of Civil Engineering

  Civil engineering is one of the oldest jobs in the world. Ever since civilization has been around, we have required the talents of civil engineers to keep things running smoothly. The discipline of civil engineering deals with the design,…

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Design Teams on Construction Projects

  Everyone knows that architects create amazing designs for buildings of all kinds, but most people don’t understand how far down the rabbit hole goes. Yes, even the simplest buildings must be designed by architects, and they do play a…

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Handiss – Redefining Service-Based Hiring in Engineering and Architecture

Redefining Service-Based Hiring in Engineering and Architecture

Building a professional relationship with any engineer or architect you hire for a service involves a lot of trust. Do they have the skills they claim? Will they deliver the work you need? These are issues all company managers face,…

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