Handiss – Redefining Service-Based Hiring in Engineering and Architecture

Redefining Service-Based Hiring in Engineering and Architecture

Building a professional relationship with any engineer or architect you hire for a service involves a lot of trust. Do they have the skills they claim? Will they deliver the work you need?

These are issues all company managers face, but the world today is much more connected than it was 20 years ago and new technologies can solve such problems. A new online platform called Handiss is here to help you with hiring quality engineering consultants on a project or task basis.

Handiss launched in early 2017 on handiss.com, and since then hundreds of skilled engineers and architects have signed up to offer their services through the platform. Whether you need structural designs, MEP drawings, quantity surveys, architectural designs, or any other design or consulting service, you’ll find the right professionals on Handiss.

On Handiss, you’ll get access to a global pool of over one thousand experts in the industry, many of whom have gone through a rigorous screening process. But attracting the right candidates starts with writing a professional and detailed RFP with your job requirements, and within hours, several qualified independent consultants will have submitted proposals for your review. Check their backgrounds and previous work, shortlist the most fitting candidates, start conversations, discuss what you need, and get final quotations detailing the work you’ll receive.

To pay your new hire, you can take advantage of Handiss’ payment system, which facilitates your payment transactions globally while also protecting both parties’ interests. You also don’t have to worry about additional fees as they are all charged on your hired expert.

Ramzi Jreidini, Handiss CEO, said “Handiss is here to empower independent engineers and architects so they can reach companies who need their services. The process is sure to bring companies quality work at competitive prices.

To explore further, visit handiss.com.