Tips for Entry Level Engineers and Architects during COVID-19

Tips for Entry Level Engineers and Architects during COVID-19

While engineers and architects around the world are reeling from the primary shockwave of the coronavirus recession, recent graduates in the field are witnessing unanticipated disruptions to their career plans with many offers being cancelled or put on hold by employers.

However, entry level job seekers are still able to steer through this situation by taking little self-empowering steps. Here is how you can prepare to enter the workforce during these tough times.

1. Create a professional resume.

Your resume is probably the most important document you’ll ever tailor. When you hand out a resume, you’re really handing out a piece of yourself, so make sure it’s representing the best of you, and keep it concise and well-organized. Quick resume improvement tips might be just what you need to make your resume stand out.

2. Make a list of firms you would like to apply to.

Economic downturn makes an already stressful job hunt even more challenging, but work in the industry will eventually pick up. Meanwhile, you can make use of your time to make a list of firms you can apply for. Make sure it’s a long one to increase your chances of getting hired!

3. Seek virtual internships and remote jobs.

Firms around the globe are adapting to new ways of getting the work done while decreasing spends to maintain their businesses. This is mainly achieved by no other ways than shifting to remote work and outsourcing to professional talent on contract and freelance basis. Hence, keep track of jobs you’re interested in and expand your search beyond your geographical parameters. Now more than ever, chances are you’re more likely to land a remote job or internship.

4. Volunteer for NGOs and local initiatives.

Consider joining NGOs that do work relevant to your expertise. By joining forces with local initiatives, not only will you gain valuable experience, but you will also give your resume the boost it needs, gain exposure, and make connections. This all may open doors for you in the future! An example of these NGOs might be Architecture Without Borders in Quebec, and The Emergency Architects Foundation in France which is also present in Australia and in Canada through national chapters.

5. Join talent management platforms.

While you’re on the lookout, go the extra mile and join a digital hiring platform to fish for freelance openings. For engineers and architects, Handiss is the perfect solution made solely for the AEC industry to help you find freelance and contract opportunities in your area and beyond. Short-term work might not be the kind of job you’ve been anticipating, but the income, experience, and connections you make along the way will be rewarding and will help you navigate your career path.