Design Teams on Construction Projects

Everyone knows that architects create amazing designs for buildings of all kinds, but most people don’t understand how far down the rabbit hole goes. Yes, even the simplest buildings must be designed by architects, and they do play a vital role in any project, but the architect is just one member of a bigger team that must be involved in the design process, and this team includes many other professionals who cover different fields of engineering and architecture. Some of them are:

  • The structural engineer who must make sure the building does not fall.
  • The geotechnical engineer who studies the soil and foundation underneath the building.
  • The mechanical engineer who designs the heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, fire systems, boiler systems, water supply, etc…
  • The electrical engineer who makes sure all electrical systems don’t fail.
  • The draftsmen who create all the drawings used by the contractors to actually construct the building.

And in more complex structures that require more manpower and more diverse consultants, more people are added to the process, such as:

  • The cost estimator who’s role comes before tendering procedures.
  • The project planner who creates the project timeline and activities and makes sure everything runs smoothly during construction.
  • The contracts specialist who drafts all contracts between all parties in the process.
  • The building services expert who works closely with the architect at early design stages.
  • The façade engineer who knows all about building envelopes.

All of these are professional services that can be done remotely, especially in the modern world where communication has become highly advanced. In fact, much of the work in engineering and architecture is currently done across borders by engineering consulting companies, especially on high-profile projects.