About Handiss

HANDISS is the place where you can hire skilled freelance engineers and architects and work with them online. Hundreds of professionals from around the world, specialized in every technical and creative field in the business are registered on Handiss, and they are ready to work with you and your team.


We are here to connect you or your company with qualified and vetted experts, and Handiss provides you with the tools to work with them through the platform, and even pay them online. We want to make sure that you find the perfect engineers and architects for your construction project, and our process is optimized to make sure that you get highly qualified professionals at freelancer rates.

Join our community of professionals, and let's get to work on new projects!

Our Mission

We believe that every engineer and architect has something different to offer, but individual professionals have limited means to connect with clients beyond word of mouth. Handiss is a platform that provides the means for these professionals to use their knowledge, experience, and skills in their own fields of expertise to directly connect with clients and employers from the industry and engage them through freelancing.


Our mission is to connect the world of engineering and architecture and to give everyone the opportunity to rise from anonymity and show the world what they can do. Whether your next project is designed by a young and motivated architect or a highly experienced structural engineer, and whether he or she is located in France or Brazil, we want to make these connections happen to get your project the support it needs. In the new and connected world we live in, it is becoming increasingly easy to work from anywhere, and we want to make work in this industry easier to accomplish.


We hope to make Handiss the catalyst for the construction market as it takes its next step into the digital age.

Connect with Freelance Engineers & Architects
Our platform is populated with engineers and architects from all over the world, and their specializations span across dozens of engineering and architectural disciplines. You can find experts from any of the following categories:
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road/Highway Engineering
  • Water Infrastructure Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering (MEP)
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Façade Engineering
  • Mechanical Infrastructure Engineering
  • Electrical Infrastructure Engineering
  • Project Management & Contracts Administration
You can also review people based on previous experience, work portfolio, software skills, education, certifications, location, years of experience, and other factors you may deem required. Our pool of professionals is growing every single day as qualified experts from around the world sign up on our platform. Join us all on our journey forward!