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Welcome to the Handiss Client Relations Team page!

Some of our clients request that we handle their hiring process, so we'll be posting projects and jobs from different employers. If you want to apply to a job, make sure to have a complete profile with all the fields filled in, including a profile picture and a CV. Incomplete profiles are harder to assess and are more likely to be ignored...

Good luck!
Ongoing Projects
The project consists of a small boutique restaurant needing execution. The plan is to replicate the same concept multiple times in the ...Read more
Exterior lighting for villa and green ...Read more
Offices and lodging quarters adjacent to a factory. Floor total area is 20m x 10m. One of the sides (20m side) is adjacent to the wall of a hangar. ...Read more
Old building in Hamra needs ...Read more
School Complex in Zahle, under construction. Built-up area is around 21000m2. The project is still in tender ...Read more
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